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A PRoud PRofessor

It’s the end of my seventh year of teaching at Hofstra and as it concludes, I am one proud professor–proud and happy for my students and their many achievements. So many undergraduates will successfully complete four years–and graduate students two years–of studies and hard work, and are now preparing to pursue their public relations careers. Undergraduates never cease to amaze me. Their knowledge, instincts and range… Read more »

ResPect foR opponents

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There are predictions that the first 2016 presidential debate, airing on September 26 live from Hofstra University, will be one of the most-watched TV programs in television history. It’s almost certainly not because Americans want the details of Hillary Clinton’s or Donald Trump’s fiscal, military or social policies. The true reason for the steroidal level of interest is our fascination with and desire… Read more »

A bumPeR crop of PR

It was an odd circumstance that I was among the first Hofstra faculty to hear the university would be hosting another presidential debate. Melissa Connolly, Hofstra’s vice president of university relations, had joined our group in Rome as part of her department’s efforts to promote our study abroad programs, when she got a phone call just after we toured the Coliseum. Soon after we jumped… Read more »

Keeping my PR resolutions

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OK, so I was going to take the week off from blogging, since this, my Sunday morning ritual, falls on New Year’s Day. And I did celebrate into the wee hours, so I’m not fully functional quite yet. But I resolved a year ago to post something here every week without fail, so I’m keeping this resolution. For 2012, I’m resolving to continue… Read more »