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Politics oR punctuation

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Welcome back! While PR Nation has about a thousand subscribers, I’m pretty sure my current students haven’t checked in for the last couple of months and my new students are reading it for the first time. Despite a quiet summer readership, I’ve continued to write and publish this blog every week since January 23, 2011. With a few guest posts… Read more »

PRaising a life in PR

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Most students probably never heard of Howard Blankman. Yet, as he passed away last week at age 91, it’s important to note and remember how much this one individual influenced so many PR “students,” particularly those, including me, who had the chance to work at his side. I paid tribute to Howard in this blog in June 2015 after we celebrated his 90th birthday. “Like most… Read more »

Lessons from a PRo

Public Relations Professionals of Long Island (PRPLI), a local group of communication practitioners, has recognized PR excellence with its Jack Retalliata Lifetime Achievement Award for more than a quarter century. This year’s award was presented on May 10 to Terry Lynam, senior vice president and chief public relations officer at Northwell Health. Several of my students attended the PRPLI Awards… Read more »

PRofound benefits

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Have you considered joining the Association for Astrological Networking? How about the World Association of Detectives? The International Association of Youth Hypnotists, perhaps? Or the American Association of Candy Technologists? These organizations are real and draw their membership from very specific groups of professionals. They’re known as trade associations and each one of them share a similar mission: to bring professional… Read more »

Father's Day PRaise for Howard

There we were: 10 public relations practitioners with about 400 years of experience among us, celebrating the life of Howard Blankman, the consummate PR professional. Glenn Goldberg of Parallel Communications Group, freelancer Don Miller, Astoria Bank’s Wendy O’Neill, Louise Cassano of LuCas Communications, Rich Torrenzano of The Torrenzano Group, consultant Bert Cunningham, Gary Lewi of Rubenstein PR, plus Rivkin Radler’s Laurie Bloom and Ken Young of… Read more »

Our unique PRofession

I’ve been asked to reflect on PR as a profession these last few weeks. First, a half-dozen students–four from Hofstra and two from other schools–interviewed me about my career in public relations as part of their class projects. Each one of them asked the usual “what do you like best about PR?” question, but some wanted more introspection about why I shifted from broadcasting to a field I… Read more »

Semester apPReciation

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As another semester of learning ends, I’m appreciating the discoveries and lessons I’ve experienced this fall… 1) Students are amazing. I’m always impressed with my students’ energy, drive and focus. They’re part of a much-maligned generation, perceived to be coddled and entitled. But more often I see 18-22 year olds who participate in clubs and volunteer for multiple causes, and who are truly caring, accepting… Read more »

Eighty PeRcent of life

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“Eighty percent of life is showing up.” — Woody Allen When students roll their eyes at the notion of attending PR-related events outside of class, I feel compelled to make the argument that it’s for their own good. And, to be sure, it is. Countless students have found internships, gotten interviews and been offered jobs from those they met at PRSSA-sponsored events.  They’ve also participated… Read more »

Burgeoning PlatfoRms

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Back when Harold Burson teamed with William Marstellar to start a PR agency in 1953, radio was losing its status as the only form of communication by which millions of people could share information simultaneously.  By then, seven million television sets had been sold in the U.S. and while TV was in its infancy, a massive shift began in the way audiences were entertained and informed.  Plus, thousands… Read more »

The PRize at the bottom of the box

This has been and will continue to be a very exciting time for my colleagues, my students and me.  Some highlights: 1) We got word this week that New York State has approved our graduate program in public relations at Hofstra.  It was a long, painstaking process, but the web site is up, the brochure is printed, ads will start running, and classes begin this fall. 2)… Read more »