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Ethics according to SPiceR

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When former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer made a self-mocking cameo appearance at the Emmy Awards last Sunday, I, like much of the audience, was surprised and delighted. I thought, “It’s so cool that Spicer’s able to laugh at himself, and we can laugh with him!” Then I began reading reactions on social media and commentary from journalists on… Read more »

Ethical SePtembeR

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September is Ethics Month. Each year, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) focuses its programs and publications on the six core values highlighted in its Code of Ethics while in public relations classrooms, professors and instructors reinforce the importance of truth, trust and transparency in the PR profession. In September’s Public Relations Tactics, PRSA’s informative monthly newsletter, PR veteran… Read more »

Teaching in the Post-tRuth era

“(The public’s democratic judgment is) not to be relied upon…they could very easily vote for the wrong man or want the wrong thing, so that they had to be guided from above.” –Edward Bernays, the “Father of Modern PR” “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things… Read more »

PRofound benefits

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Have you considered joining the Association for Astrological Networking? How about the World Association of Detectives? The International Association of Youth Hypnotists, perhaps? Or the American Association of Candy Technologists? These organizations are real and draw their membership from very specific groups of professionals. They’re known as trade associations and each one of them share a similar mission: to bring professional… Read more »

PalPable leaRning

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Sometimes the sighs and the eye rolling are palpable. It happens on the first day of class as I review the syllabus and reveal that my students will be required to attend a full-day conference–and on a Saturday! Heavens! However, when we return to class after the conference, there’s usually praise for the experience and a “thank you” from students grateful… Read more »

Plugging into Resources

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In my fundamentals of public relations courses, my students and I identify good online resources for information about the industry. There are so many blogs and web sites providing students and professionals with tips, guides, internships, professional development, and networking opportunities. Usually these sites are created by trade organizations including the Public Relations Society of America, Institute for Public Relations, International Public… Read more »

Father's Day PRaise for Howard

There we were: 10 public relations practitioners with about 400 years of experience among us, celebrating the life of Howard Blankman, the consummate PR professional. Glenn Goldberg of Parallel Communications Group, freelancer Don Miller, Astoria Bank’s Wendy O’Neill, Louise Cassano of LuCas Communications, Rich Torrenzano of The Torrenzano Group, consultant Bert Cunningham, Gary Lewi of Rubenstein PR, plus Rivkin Radler’s Laurie Bloom and Ken Young of… Read more »

Eighty PeRcent of life

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“Eighty percent of life is showing up.” — Woody Allen When students roll their eyes at the notion of attending PR-related events outside of class, I feel compelled to make the argument that it’s for their own good. And, to be sure, it is. Countless students have found internships, gotten interviews and been offered jobs from those they met at PRSSA-sponsored events.  They’ve also participated… Read more »

Our Pink pRofession

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When I attended my first Public Relations Society of America meeting 30 years ago, just four out of 40 attendees (including my boss) were women.  Go to a meeting similar today and the gender ratios have flipped.  When you attend Hofstra’s PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) meetings or any PR class, it’s the same: a very high percentage of female… Read more »

Burgeoning PlatfoRms

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Back when Harold Burson teamed with William Marstellar to start a PR agency in 1953, radio was losing its status as the only form of communication by which millions of people could share information simultaneously.  By then, seven million television sets had been sold in the U.S. and while TV was in its infancy, a massive shift began in the way audiences were entertained and informed.  Plus, thousands… Read more »