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Bursting with PRide

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Here’s a word you may not know: kvell. It’s a Yiddish word, derived from German, meaning to burst with pride. I was kvelling last weekend at the Public Relations Student Society of America’s (PRSSA) National Conference in Boston, when it was announced that Hofstra’s PRSSA Chapter received the 2017 Star Chapter Award. This award recognizes PRSSA chapters which meet eight of… Read more »

A PRoud PRofessor

It’s the end of my seventh year of teaching at Hofstra and as it concludes, I am one proud professor–proud and happy for my students and their many achievements. So many undergraduates will successfully complete four years–and graduate students two years–of studies and hard work, and are now preparing to pursue their public relations careers. Undergraduates never cease to amaze me. Their knowledge, instincts and range… Read more »

SuPeRb advice

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Briana Cunningham, president of Hofstra’s PRSSA chapter, said it was the best speech about public relations she’s ever heard. The keynote address at PRSSA’s annual conference, delivered by Ketchum’s former global CEO Ray Kotcher to an audience of nearly 100 students and PR professionals, was the centerpiece of yesterday’s program. Mr. Kotcher’s talk was filled with superb advice and observations, and while it’s… Read more »

Knitting and the SuPeR Bowl

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“Knitting and the Super Bowl don’t go together!” Allison Melangton, SVP of Hulman Motorsports and a keynote speaker at this year’s Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) National Conference in Indianapolis, didn’t let her colleagues’ negative reaction stop her. For 30 years, Melangton has led internationally renowned events including the Indianapolis 500, NBA championships and the 2012 Super Bowl. She talked about how… Read more »

PRofound benefits

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Have you considered joining the Association for Astrological Networking? How about the World Association of Detectives? The International Association of Youth Hypnotists, perhaps? Or the American Association of Candy Technologists? These organizations are real and draw their membership from very specific groups of professionals. They’re known as trade associations and each one of them share a similar mission: to bring professional… Read more »

PRofessional goals

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Last week I asked Hofstra PRSSA Regional Conference attendees to discuss their “light bulb” moment, an instance when a PR professional may have said something inspirational. Among their responses were clear resolutions to initiate opportunities and channel professional goals into action. Here’s a sample of their comments: “Never judge on a person based on the person’s position at that point in time-because they may turn out… Read more »

PalPable leaRning

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Sometimes the sighs and the eye rolling are palpable. It happens on the first day of class as I review the syllabus and reveal that my students will be required to attend a full-day conference–and on a Saturday! Heavens! However, when we return to class after the conference, there’s usually praise for the experience and a “thank you” from students grateful… Read more »

A PRofessional's advice

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I usually leave professional conferences with information that helps me do my job better. Student conferences, alternately, are filled with good advice about a profession–and life. Some advice heard at the Public Relations Student Society of America’s (PRSSA) National Conference in Atlanta came from Coca-Cola Vice President Scott Williamson, who delivered a keynote address to 1,250 students from around the country. His… Read more »

Plugging into Resources

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In my fundamentals of public relations courses, my students and I identify good online resources for information about the industry. There are so many blogs and web sites providing students and professionals with tips, guides, internships, professional development, and networking opportunities. Usually these sites are created by trade organizations including the Public Relations Society of America, Institute for Public Relations, International Public… Read more »

My PRoductive semester

It’s the end of another semester and I hope my students–and everyone reading this blog–had a productive 15 weeks filled with learning. I sure did. This semester I learned that the new Museum of Public Relations, housed in the Baruch College library, is an important stop for everyone who’s a part of our profession. Anchored by the life and work of… Read more »