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Ethics according to SPiceR

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When former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer made a self-mocking cameo appearance at the Emmy Awards last Sunday, I, like much of the audience, was surprised and delighted. I thought, “It’s so cool that Spicer’s able to laugh at himself, and we can laugh with him!” Then I began reading reactions on social media and commentary from journalists on… Read more »

Ethical SePtembeR

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September is Ethics Month. Each year, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) focuses its programs and publications on the six core values highlighted in its Code of Ethics while in public relations classrooms, professors and instructors reinforce the importance of truth, trust and transparency in the PR profession. In September’s Public Relations Tactics, PRSA’s informative monthly newsletter, PR veteran… Read more »

Politics oR punctuation

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Welcome back! While PR Nation has about a thousand subscribers, I’m pretty sure my current students haven’t checked in for the last couple of months and my new students are reading it for the first time. Despite a quiet summer readership, I’ve continued to write and publish this blog every week since January 23, 2011. With a few guest posts… Read more »

A SuPeRvisor’s ethics

In this new age of “alternative facts,” the Public Relations Society of America’s (PRSA) Code of Ethics has taken on far greater importance for those who care about our profession’s reputation. Public relations, like journalism, isn’t regulated by the government, nor are its practitioners licensed by any professional body, so we’ve established codes of ethics to help guide our activities. PRSA’s code… Read more »

PRotecting against fake news

Among the countless false stories shared on social media recently was a faked photo of Barack Obama touching Melania Trump’s backside on Inauguration Day. Then there was the horrendous story that Hillary Clinton was running a child sex ring out of a pizza shop. The sad truth is, a lot of people believed them. BuzzFeed News found that fake news fooled Americans 75 percent of the time. Journalism.org sites… Read more »

Plugging into Resources

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In my fundamentals of public relations courses, my students and I identify good online resources for information about the industry. There are so many blogs and web sites providing students and professionals with tips, guides, internships, professional development, and networking opportunities. Usually these sites are created by trade organizations including the Public Relations Society of America, Institute for Public Relations, International Public… Read more »

PRoving a need

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This past Friday I hosted a conference titled “PR on a Budget,” which provided valuable information to 35 participating nonprofit organizations on how to “do” PR using few resources.  The conference was inspired by my annual survey of Long Island’s nonprofits, and I’m anticipating my 2013 survey will again show that these groups are hungry for public relations help.  It’ll also strengthen the call for… Read more »

Ethics run amok!

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The tabloid scandal in Britain is a fascinating study of not only bad ethics gone wild, but how cozy relationships between the press and politicians has been a breeding ground for corruption between reporters and the powerful in England.  As I watched News of the World, the 168-year old tabloid, close shop and its media mogul owner Rupert Murdoch squirm and… Read more »