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PuRpose-filled emojis

The use of emojis is exploding, but to what end? Do these adorable little illustrations serve any purpose at all? According to May 2017 Hofstra graduate Adria Marlowe, they sure do. PR Nation is featuring graduate students’ capstone projects, a requirement to earn a master’s degrees in public relations at Hofstra. Adria’s paper, “Symbolic Images and Lasting Impressions: Can emojis influence millennials’… Read more »

CaPstone Research

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Last week I noted how Hofstra University graduate students had completed their master’s degrees in public relations by submitting various capstone projects filled with revealing research and insights. As promised, I’m featuring the best of them here. First up is Putting the “Social” in Social Media: How human connection triggers engagement, authored by Stephanie Adomavicius. Stephanie wanted to “uncover what causes people to engage… Read more »

PRePaRed and ready

When I was asked in 2011 to guide the creation of a graduate degree in public relations, I had to first ponder, “Who really needs a master’s degree in PR?” I also needed to find out, “Does an advanced degree in public relations matter in the job market?” The honest answer is, “Yes and no.” No, because organizations looking for… Read more »

Who do peoPle tRust?

Trust in institutions is apparently at an all-time low. While this probably doesn’t surprise you, it has important implications for how we should be communicating with our target audiences. “Who do people trust?” is a question PR agency giant Edelman looks to answer each year. Edelman’s Chief Content Strategist Steve Rubel returned to Hofstra University last week to talk to educators, business… Read more »

PRaising a life in PR

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Most students probably never heard of Howard Blankman. Yet, as he passed away last week at age 91, it’s important to note and remember how much this one individual influenced so many PR “students,” particularly those, including me, who had the chance to work at his side. I paid tribute to Howard in this blog in June 2015 after we celebrated his 90th birthday. “Like most… Read more »

PRetty flowers

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Readers: My students have told me one of their favorite “PR Nation” posts was written for Valentine’s Day in 2013. I’m continuing a tradition of updating and re-posting it each year. Enjoy! “When a person brings pretty flowers to a date, that’s good public relations.” When we attempt to define public relations, we can agree that good PR strategies seek to accomplish one of three responses: to create attitudes,… Read more »

The PuRest form of PR

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If public relations is the ability to influence attitudes, protests may be the purest form of PR. Throughout history, long-term social change has rarely resulted because of a single leader’s decision; change happened when people raised their voices and pressured leaders to take action. There are countless events since the beginning of recorded time which serve as examples. From the freeing of Hebrew slaves in Egypt… Read more »

New Year insPiRation

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I’m not a fan of the platitudes you typically find on social media and greeting cards. They’re usually obvious and boring; they masquerade as wise words to live by when, in fact, they’re usually used to sell us something or enhance a company’s marketing algorithms. Platitudes are defined by Google as, “a remark or statement, especially one with a moral content,… Read more »

If it isn’t written PRoperly…

A terrific article written by Zachary Reed appeared this week in PR Daily. “Why Learning AP Style is a Must for PR Pros” reinforces what I’ve been saying to students ad nauseam: “It doesn’t matter how well you get your message out there if that message isn’t written properly.” I’m a real stickler for good punctuation and grammar. To that end,… Read more »

PRofoundly fortunate

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While events can have a real effect on a campus’s atmosphere and mood, this particular semester has seen extraordinary highs and lows. At Hofstra University, our September began just ahead of hosting the most-viewed presidential debate in history. The excitement on campus was electric. Students were involved on all levels of activities surrounding the presidential campaign. Then, three weeks ago, the election’s surprising outcome hit… Read more »