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OPtics matteR

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Optics. It’s the current PR buzzword for “how it looks.” This week, when the president shared warm smiles and handshakes with world leaders, it was good optics. When the vice president, while visiting NASA, placed his hand on equipment clearly marked “Do Not Touch,” that was bad optics. But New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gets the Bad Optics of the… Read more »

What Were They Thinking? PaRt 2

I’ve had many of my students read and review What Were They Thinking?: Crisis Communication — the Good, the Bad, and the Totally Clueless, a book written by Steve Adubato, Ph.D.  It’s a fabulous collection of 22 brief and significant case studies on how organizations and individuals have failed (or have sometimes been successful) at dealing with their very public crises.  From the Duke… Read more »