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No PRaise from the boss

A PR blog I recently read featured an article from Cheryl Conner in Forbes titled, “Why Toughest Bosses Are Best.”  She wrote that bosses who set high expectations, never give unearned praise, and articulate clear goals and milestones are most desirable.  She posted Jill Geisler’s “Seven Deadly Sins of the Too-Nice Boss,” which lists how softies-in-charge get little accomplished. I began reflecting on my… Read more »

When the Man is the Brand

When Steve Jobs died this week an immediate concern was, “Can Apple be the same innovative company without him?”  It’s because the man had become the brand. For Apple, this was a good thing. But for some companies, being so closely associated with their top man has not always been ideal. A century ago, John D. Rockefeller, head of Standard… Read more »