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Who do peoPle tRust?

Trust in institutions is apparently at an all-time low. While this probably doesn’t surprise you, it has important implications for how we should be communicating with our target audiences. “Who do people trust?” is a question PR agency giant Edelman looks to answer each year. Edelman’s Chief Content Strategist Steve Rubel returned to Hofstra University last week to talk to educators, business… Read more »

Cocktail PaRty

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Last week, “Public Relations Nation” featured helpful advice from Edelman’s Steve Rubel at the Fair Media Council’s annual Summer Social Media Boot Camp in Bethpage, N.Y. on July 10. Rubel’s main message was that everything we pitch to media and create online should have multiple uses and impressions. He suggested communicators must look for synergy and synchronicity by finding ways to attach social media… Read more »

On PeRsonalization of content

Steve Rubel is an interesting guy with an interesting job. As chief content strategist for Edelman, the world’s largest privately owned public relations company, Rubel spends his days (and nights) studying how, why and when people use the Internet. His role is to watch and anticipate trends in social media and online applications, and see how humans interact with all their available technology. Rubel, a Hofstra graduate,… Read more »

Steve Rubel: PR's Potential poweR

In my world, it seems that Steve Rubel is speaking everywhere.  And what he’s saying concerns me. A Hofstra University graduate, Steve is chief content strategist at Edelman, the world’s largest public relations firm.  His role (as I understand it) is to study and report on trends in social media, and how they affect the business of providing content.  In recent… Read more »