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TIMEly PachydeRm

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Chris Christie is not an elephant. But TIME magazine referred to him as such this week.  On the venerable publication’s cover was a shadowy, Hitchcockian profile of New Jersey’s stout governor headlined, “THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.” The elephant became the symbol of the Republican Party in 1874 when, according to factmonster.com, cartoonist Thomas Nast drew a donkey (the Democrats’ symbol) clothed in lion’s skin,… Read more »

Cartoon PRecision

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As a teenager coming of age during the Watergate scandal, I became a huge fan of political or editorial cartoons. I actually used to cut them out of newspapers and glue them into a composition notebook to collect them (omg, what a nerd!). For the unfamiliar, these are (usually) single-panel drawings that appear on the editorial pages in newspapers. They are the original… Read more »