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Trump’s PaRade

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In a week filled with yet more White House scandals– the deputy chief of staff and a speechwriter resigning over spousal abuse; a high-ranking justice official suddenly quitting; former insider Amarosa Manigault-Newman describing the White House as “bad” –Donald Trump ordered the military to stage a parade, “like the one in France.” Jake Novak of CNBC wrote: “Take a good look at the… Read more »

PRedictable PRedicament

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Predicting the weather has become increasingly accurate as the tools of the trade become more sophisticated.  While never perfect, it’s reasonable to say that when a storm is coming we pretty much know what to expect before it hits. Georgia Governor Nathan Deal seemed quite surprised, however, when a snowstorm paralyzed several southern states last week. Just two inches of… Read more »

Cartoon PRecision

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As a teenager coming of age during the Watergate scandal, I became a huge fan of political or editorial cartoons. I actually used to cut them out of newspapers and glue them into a composition notebook to collect them (omg, what a nerd!). For the unfamiliar, these are (usually) single-panel drawings that appear on the editorial pages in newspapers. They are the original… Read more »