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PoRn star? “Squirrel!”

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Before his election, President Jimmy Carter admitted to Playboy magazine he had “lust in his heart” for other women. Scandal. 1988’s Democratic frontrunner Senator Gary Hart was photographed with a model sitting on his lap. Scandal. President Bill Clinton lied to Congress about an affair with a White House intern. Scandal–and impeachment. President Donald Trump’s lawyers paid off porn star… Read more »

SPitzeR to Weiner: "Thanks"

There’s little to be happy about in the sordid, still unfolding story of New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner.  Unless you’re Eliot Spitzer. Former New York Governor Spitzer, you recall, is the former governor because a year into his administration he was found to have paid several high-priced call girls for their services.  It was a violation of law and a massive error… Read more »