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PoRn star? “Squirrel!”

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Before his election, President Jimmy Carter admitted to Playboy magazine he had “lust in his heart” for other women. Scandal. 1988’s Democratic frontrunner Senator Gary Hart was photographed with a model sitting on his lap. Scandal. President Bill Clinton lied to Congress about an affair with a White House intern. Scandal–and impeachment. President Donald Trump’s lawyers paid off porn star… Read more »

WeaPons of mass distRaction

I first heard the satiric term “weapons of mass distraction” when former New York Congressman Gary Ackerman in 2004 criticized a Congressional bill raising the fines the FCC could impose for broadcasting indecent materials. “It is a weapon of mass distraction to keep us away from the real issues at hand,” he was quoted in the Washington Post. Of course, the term is a… Read more »

PonDering "screenagers"

Her au pair asks, “Ready to go?” She doesn’t respond, her thumb on Instagram. A Barbara Walters meme is on the screen. She scrolls, and another meme appears. Then another meme, and she closes the app. She opens BuzzFeed. There’s a story about Florida Gov. Rick Scott, which she scrolls past to get to a story about Janet Jackson, then “28… Read more »

P.T. Rove

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Karl Rove has been a political consultant since leaving the White House in 2007, working for the Republican Party and serving as a commentator for various media organizations.  He is often credited with engineering George W. Bush’s victories, including two elections for Texas governor and two for U.S. president. Phineas T. Barnum was a showman (and a former politician!) best remembered for creating… Read more »

PRepared for anything

Game on!  Not the thrones-filled game that upset HBO viewers last week.  The big push for the new Master of Arts in Public Relations program in Hofstra’s School of Communications is happening now, and we’re accepting applications–and new students–for this fall. Hofstra’s new M.A. in PR will emphasize writing, communication tools, management, and strategy.  I’m thrilled to be leading the charge for this program,… Read more »

Truly the right spokesPeRson

Score one for Obama’s PR team. Alongside the national debate on gun control is a public relations war being waged on both sides. I’ve written that while the National Rifle Association’s messaging appeals to its base, the organization risks losing support among the less radical gun rights supporters.  Proponents of new gun control laws have used parents of the Sandy Hook Elementary School victims in… Read more »